Increasing of the web site traffic and high ranking in the results of the search query is the main goal of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO aim is to make the content more relevant and competent. Many people usually see the SEO optimization process as a competition to rank well for a few keywords, unlike the competition to satisfy the needs of those who enter the particular query. Searching on your top keywords makes you able to see the leading sited in these rankings, so to get traffic for your content you will need to rank higher than those top sites. Some of our free of charge website and total solutions optimize and improve your search engine rankings (traffic and profits) via our books, classroom SEO teaching, search engine optimization tools, site assessments, services together with positioning advice, tips, information and hints to improve your search engine marketing comparable to the present leaders. Of course, better keyword position is the first step to enhanced Web traffic.

SEO Services

  1. Campaign Organizing: Ongoing strategic SEO campaign planning, search engine/publisher advice and ideas, search query targeting strategies, structure of all campaigns, and budget allocation.
  2. Keyword List Generation: Development of entire keyword list, testing strategy, and grouping/organizational strategy.
  3. Creative Development: Development of creative strategy, messaging for all keyword titles, and listings. Split testing and copywriting results.
  4. Tracking: Initial and ongoing trafficking of keywords, creative copy, tracking tags, and any other trafficking needs.
  5. Campaign Management: Day-to-day SEO campaign management, QA, and troubleshooting of campaigns.
  6. Link Building Management: Overall linking strategy for search engines targeting keywords, anchor texts, link growth, and link variety.
  7. Tracking /Testing: Optimization of SEO campaigns.
  8. Performance Reporting: Delivery of monthly SEO positioning reports.
  9. Communication: Phone calls/email updates as needed.